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Wine Tastings

Why wine tasting? There are several reasons why it is important to taste wine.

Firstly to find out if the wine is good, and not faulty. Did you realise that 1 in 12 bottles is faulty for one reason or another! Secondly to find out if the wine will go with the intended food. Another reason could be if you buy wine to store for investment purposes or future use - then it is important that you know if the wine has got enough fruit, acidity and tannins to last for the intended storage period.

Tasting Guide

If you have a slight interest in wine the best way to improve your knowledge and to keep up your interest is to Taste Wine! Here follows a simple guide to wine tasting.
Pour a small sample of wine into the glass, follow the guide and start enjoying!

Wine TastingTours in Malta

This an abstract from an article by Margareta Zaveri published in the July 2008 issue of Sky Life – the Air Malta in-flight magazine.
More and more people who travel on holiday don’t want just sun and sea, but like to experience the local culture. One way to find out more about wine and local food specialities is to follow a wine route or visit a few wineries.
n many of the established wine producing countries it is easy to join a tour or follow a wine route to find out about the locally produced wines and perhaps try some of the wines. What about Malta? Are there any organised wine tasting tours? Or is there a wine route?
Some of the large tour operators organise wine tasting tours for their guests, so if you are travelling to Malta on a package holiday you may be lucky to be able to sign up for a wine tasting trip as an excursion. If you are travelling independently alone or in a small group, visits need to be arranged by appointment with the wineries.

Meridiana Launches A New Wine

On Wednesday 30th July 2008 Meridiana Wine Estate launched a new wine within their portfolio - Astarte.

Exceptional Tasting
Tank Sample Tasting at Camilleri Wines 12th June 2008
MaltaFoodAndWine had the rare opportunity to sample some exciting wines by Camilleri, which have not yet been bottled. Some of the wines will be launched during the second part of 2008 and a couple of them might still need more time before they are ready to be released. The tasting was held at master group's retail unit Master Cellars in Naxxar and hosted by Camilleri Wine Advisor Johnny Fenech.
Two of the wines were from Camilleri's Palatino new...

Tank Samples Ready for Tasting