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Production of wine in Malta started over two thousand years ago and with a Mediterranean climate of hot and dry summers and cool winters it is an ideal place to produce ripe and full bodied wines.
The demand for Maltese wines is growing steadily and many brands sell out completely within a few months of bottling. To overcome the shortage of grapes on the islands of Malta and Gozo, some wineries import grapes from Italy and Greece, and sometimes blend the grapes with Maltese grown and sometimes make wines entirely from imported grapes.

In 2007 the quality wine system D.O.K. (Denominazzjoni ta’ Origini Kontrollata) was introduced to the Maltese Islands. Any Maltese wines from the 2007 harvest onwards that conform to the Q.W.P.S.R. (Quality Wine Produced in a Specific region) and pass the D.O.K. accreditation can display the words on the label Denominazzjoni ta’ Origini Kontrollata or the abbreviation D.O.K.

In Malta there are five major wine producers. The two oldest are also the largest and are Marsovin and Emmanuel Delicata. At Meridiana there is a feeling of Boutique winery and there are some lovely wines being produced there. Then there are two newcomers the dynamic Camilleri wines which started in 1999 and the visionary Montekristo which started in 2005.

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