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Montekristo Estates

Montekristo Estates Limited
Hal Farrug Road
L/O Siggiwi LQA3078, Malta
Tel: (+356) 2203 3000

Montekristo Estates is one of the newest wineries in Malta and production started in 2005. The newly built estate is set on 20 acres and consists of a well equipped
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modern winery, vineyards and its own "Chateau". The estate is beautifully set in Maltese country side, surrounded by its own vineyards. Within the main building there are large banqueting and entertainment areas, some of which have the wine vaults as a backdrop.Montekristo Wine Vaults
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One part of the estate has been created for the show "Knights of Malta 1565" which has a specially built arena, seats an audience of 750 people and is equipped with high tech lighting and digital audio- visual effects.
Once fully open (planned around October 2008) Montekristo are aiming to provide tours of the winery, vineyards and the vaults. There will also be a shop where wines, olive oil and other delicatessen will be available.