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Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker

Delicata's Victoria Vineyards, Gozo
Emmanuel Delicata Winemaker Limited
The Winery on the Waterfront
Paula, PLA2143, Malta
Tel: (+356) 21825199, (+356) 21806638

Emmanuel Delicata has been producing wines in Malta since 1907 and is the island's oldest and largest winemaker. The winery is located on the Paula waterfront overlooking Valetta Grand Harbour.

The wines produced by Delicata are fruit driven and approachable and made using modern wine making techniques. A range of around 30 wines are made and many are submitted for international wine competitions and have won over 65 awards. For example in the spring of 2008 Delicata’s 2006 Gran Cavalier Chardonnay won a Bronze
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medal in the “Chardonnay du Monde” competition in Burgundy and their Rose Gellewza Frizzante won a Bronze at the 2008 "Challenge du Vin" in Bordeaux, France.
To enable production to meet the growing demand for wines made in Malta some of Delicata’s cheaper wine brands are made from grapes imported from Sicily and mainland Italy. The Maltese grapes however are sourced from hundreds of dedicated family run vineyards on the islands of Malta and Gozo. The wines which are made entirely from grapes grown on the Maltese islands are the ranges from the Gran Cavalier, Grand Vin de Hauteville, Medina, Victoria Heights of Gozo, The Maltese Falcon, and the Girgentina and Gellewza Frizzante.

Delicata were closely involved in establishing the quality wine system D.O.K. (Denominazzjoni ta’ Origini Kontrollata) that was introduced to the Maltese Islands in 2007. Any Maltese wines from the 2007 harvest onwards that conform to the Q.W.P.S.R. (Quality Wine Produced in a Specific region) and pass the D.O.K. accreditation can display the words on the label Denominazzjoni ta’ Origini Kontrollata or the abbreviation D.O.K.
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It has become a tradition that in August every year Delicata organizes a 4 day Wine Festival in Valletta (7-10th Aug 2008) and a few weeks later (22-24 Aug 2008) in Nadur, Gozo. The wine festivals are open to the public and it is a great opportunity to taste a large range of wines and enjoy a bite to eat. At Emmanuel Delicata Winery tours can be arranged by appointment providing there are a minimum of 12 participants.