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Camilleri Wines ( Master Group)

Camilleri Wines
Oratory Street
Naxxar, NXR2504, Malta
Tel: (+356) 2143 4038

Camilleri Wines started in 1999 and their first wine made of Maltese grapes was the Laurenti Chardonnay 2003, launched in 2004. They now have twenty-one lines under seven different labels, with the Laurenti brand being the premium range.
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This is a young, dynamic and innovative company with an aim to communicate in a casual, fun and friendly manner whilst producing high quality wine made of local grapes. The communication style is particularly reflected in Camilleri's advertising campaigns. There are also some interesting and exciting grape varieties and blends which are unusual for Malta such as the Palantino pure Tempranillo and the Laurenti Vermentino-Viognier blend.Piano Forte white and red, available in restaurants

Adjacent to the winery in Naxxar is Master Cellars, the retail store of master group,
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where Camilleri wines are available together with a large seleciton of international wine and spirits lables. Within the shop there is a custom made tasting area where wine tastings can be arranged for groups by prior appointment.

Wine Tasting Event at Camilleri Wines