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Tank Sample Tasting at Camilleri Wines 12th June 2008
MaltaFoodAndWine had the rare opportunity to sample some exciting wines by Camilleri, which have not yet been bottled. Some of the wines will be launched during the second part of 2008 and a couple of them might still need more time before they are ready to be released. The tasting was held at master group's retail unit Master Cellars in Naxxar and hosted by Camilleri Wine Advisor Johnny Fenech.

Two of the wines were from Camilleri's Palatino new...


Tank Samples Ready for Tasting
...Limited Release versions of Viognier and Cabernet Franc from 2007 vintage. The "Limited Release" is exactly that - one or two grape varieties that have performed particularly well in a vintage will be selected and produced under this label. The Viognier is a dry, light wine with fresh floral aromas. It finishes off with a long pleasant after taste.
With regards to the Cabernet Franc, it is unusual to produce this as a pure varietal and is usually used in blends. This light coloured red wine reflects the grape characteristics really well with stalky green aromas with hints of red currants. On the palate it was light with some soft tannins and quite a high acidity (which will probably be tamed by the time of it is ready for release). What is particularly exciting about this wine is that it is refreshingly different. When released this will be a "must try" wine.
Another single varietal we tasted was the Palantino Syrah 2007. This going to be big! Now it is dark, rich, almost blackish in colour with signs of high viscosity by "legs" forming on the glass. The nose is intense as well with plenty of black fruit/berry aromas with influences of thyme herbaciousness. It is very well balanced and will probably be a great wine to bring along to a barbecue.
In the tasting we also got the chance to try a couple of Laurenti wines from the 2007 vintage. The Vermentino - Viognier blend was showing signs of full youthfullness by being very light in colour, and on the palate the flavours of fruit and some oak were not quite yet incorporated. But, by the time of release in four to six months time this should have been remedied. With regards to the Cabernet - Merlot this was dark, deep red. On the nose it has numerous aromas of red fruit and berries, herbs, spices and even some traces of vegetation. On the palate it is intensly fruity with plenty of both acidity and tannin. In other words the perfect combination for a long life ahead.
It was the Laurenti Cabernet - Merlot that was the last wine in the tasting and with it's complexity it was a great wine to finish off to end on a high!