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Laurenti Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot 2005, Camilleri Wines

Wine type: Full bodied
Country and Region: Malta
Colour: Red
Category: Every day drinking
Appearance: This wine is very dark red, almost black in colour. It also shows signs of high viscosity by legs forming easily on the inside of the glass. Nose: Intense aromas of black currant, cedar and summer fruit. There are also some vegetal and spicy notes adding an interesting complexity. Palate: In line with the appearance and the nose this wine is full bodied. It is well balanced with a good acidity and marked tannins providing a great structure. The aftertaste is pleasant with a long lasting flavour of vanilla.
Conclusion: A Maltese wine showing characteristics of a young Bordeaux - that's not bad at all! This wine is the perfect match for any beef dish.