Malta Food and Wine

Where and what to eat and drink in Malta

...or About Me

The purpose of MaltaFoodAndWine is to provide a guide to food and wine for the short term or long term visitor to Malta.

As a food and wine lover I will explore all that's best in Malta and help you avoid the pitfalls and tourist traps when it comes to restaurants, wine bars and wines. All the recommendations of restaurants and wines are of my personal view and I hope you agree!

Over the years I have wined and dined in a myriad of restaurants around the world from simple street vendor food in Brazil to Michelin Star restaurants in France. Having worked for one of the major wine retailers in the UK and gained a Wine and Sprit Education trust qualification, I then worked as a wine correspondent for a magazine. This gave me great opportunities to taste and review some wonderful (as well as less wonderful) wines.

By appointment, I host wine tastings and run wine tasting classes for novices.

I hope these pages will be useful and if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me.

Enjoy Malta and all the wonderful food and wine here!

Margareta Zaveri
Founder of MaltaFoodAndWine