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For delicious food and wine in Malta we have a section of Restaurant and Wine bar reviews. If you are looking for good restaurants in Malta - check these out. All the restaurants listed have been visited and enjoyed by MaltaFoodAndWine. New additions are added regularly.In Malta you can find wines from all over the world in most price categories. We hope that we can make your dining and eating out experience a little more informed when you visit our islands.


Gastro Bar @ The Chophouse - Tigne Point, Sliema Malta

  • Beautiful location with views of Valletta Skyline
  • Quality Steaks Grills and more
  • Outdoor dining on balcony
  • Extensive Wines and Malt Whiskey List
  • Great service and experience


Feature Restaurants

  • ChopHouse Tigne Point
  • La Cucina Del Sole Tigne Point
  • MEET Argentinian Steakhouse St Julians
  • Il-Horza Restaurant Valletta

A Maltese Platter by local Artist Keith Balzan
To get to grips with what's available and what's good we have tasted many of them, and are hoping to taste and review many more... For mouth watering Maltese and international wines that have been tasted, reviewed and are available on the island visit our Recommended Wines.This is the place to find out about the Maltese wine industry and an excellent first stop for organising a visit to a Maltese vineyard! Other food and wine related events and lots more...

All about the Maltese Wineries!
There are some exciting things going on within the Maltese wine industry as a whole. Maltese wines are not all about super cheap plonk! All the wineries have some good quality wines in their ranges and since the import levy was lifted in 2004 the quality is getting better and better every year.

Find out more about the major Maltese Wineries here...

Wine Tasting Tours in Malta
This an abstract from an article by Margareta Zaveri published in the July 2008 issue of Sky Life – the Air Malta in-flight magazine.

More and more people who travel on holiday don’t want just sun and sea, but like to experience the local culture. One way to find out more about wine and local food specialities is to follow a wine route or visit a few wineries.

In many of the established wine producing countries it is easy to join a tour or follow a wine route to find out about the locally produced wines and perhaps try some of the wines. What about Malta? Are there any organised wine tasting tours? Or is there a wine route?

Some of the large tour operators organise wine tasting tours for their guests, so if you are travelling to Malta on a package holiday you may be lucky to be able to sign up for a wine tasting trip as an excursion. If you are travelling independently alone or in a small group, visits need to be arranged by appointment with the wineries.
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